The Simplicity of God

In the English language, we can use the word “simple” in various ways... The idea of God’s SIMPLICITY, on the other hand, has to do with His divine essence. It describes God as a simple being — Someone who is way beyond composition. He is not made up of parts or of a variety of substances. He is but one essence.


The Spirituality of God

For others, to say that someone is spiritual is to suggest that he or she has a generic interest in religious or supernatural matters. However, to speak of SPIRITUALITY as an Attribute of God is to identify Him as a spirit — an immaterial, invisible, and infinite being that is fundamentally distinct from every material, visible, and finite creatures.

The Invisibility of God

One of The Attributes of God that describes His being is INVISIBILITY. Being immaterial, He doesn’t have a physical form. He is not composed of any kind of material or substance perceivable by the bodily senses. God is invisible. His total essence, all of His being, will never be visible to us.

The Immateriality of God

God’s immateriality, often stirs debate especially when influenced by facts and knowledge about science and philosophy. “If God is immaterial, what is He made of?” Well, to begin with, God is self-existent; therefore He was not made, He was not created. The divine essence is entirely spirit; and a spirit cannot be flesh, bone and blood.

The Immutability of God

Like a rock which remains sturdy and immovable despite the fluctuating state of the ocean that surrounds it, is our God who is IMMUTABLE while all creations are subject to change. God is perpetually the same. He cannot change in His nature and being, character and attributes, purpose and promises.

The Immanence of God

Immanence describes a God who is always at hand — actively and personally working through even the littlest details of the lives of His creations. Though transcendent in His being, He doesn’t just sit back on His throne in heaven and watch the universe that He has set in motion.

The Transcendence of God

God is entirely unknowable in His transcendence but He has made it possible for us to know Him by the revelations He’s made about Himself. It is Him who puts in it our hearts to desire to seek Him; and He is pleased with even our tiniest efforts to make Him known.

The Omnipresence of God

To know that God is omnipresent is one thing; to feel His presence at all times is another. To say “Thank You, Lord!” during happy and ‘okay’ days is just right; to ask Him “Where were You?” during difficult times is not.

The Infinitude of God

If the accuracy of the definition of ‘infinity’ is to be considered, it must be inarguable that there is actually nothing and no one in the universe that is infinite — nothing and no one except God.

The Eternity of God

Eternity is an attribute of God that refers to His timeless nature — having no beginning and no end; no past and no future. Unlike finite created beings such as us, He doesn’t experience succession of moments and events we call time.

The Self-Existence of God

The first verses of the Bible tells us an incredible story of how the heavens and the earth were created by Someone who is created by none. “In the beginning, God...” God was already there. He has always been there. He has always existed.

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