The Infinitude of God

Infinity means limitlessness, boundlessness, measurelessness and endlessness — words that are extremely misused nowadays. Unlimited calls and text messages have expiry dates; unlimited internet data are no longer useful once used excessively; unlimited food and bottomless drinks are available only until supplies last or until your breadbaskets can hold it; infinity pools have edges; the... Continue Reading →


The Eternity of God

“From everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” Psalm 90:2b NIV Do you know that when you try to look for terms synonymous to the noun form of the word “everlasting”, dictionaries will give you words such as Almighty, Creator, Father, God, Jehovah, Lord, Supreme Being, and Yahweh? Capitalized, yes! I love how it actually implies... Continue Reading →

The Self-Sufficiency of God

“The Father has life in Himself.” John 5:26 NLT Last week, I shared about The Self-Existence of God — that even before the creation of the entire universe, He’s already existed. All life is from God, but His life is not from anybody; He has life in Himself. As God is self-existent, He is also... Continue Reading →

The Self-Existence of God

God is definitely not like any of us; and most certainly not like any other thing or being. He has these divine characteristics that distinguishes Him from the ‘non-Gods’; and no one but Him can ever possess them. They are called Incommunicable Attributes — the Attributes of God that He does not share or communicate... Continue Reading →

The Attributes of God

“Worship is a lifestyle.” — we often hear that. When we say worship is a lifestyle, we mean we worship not just during Sunday services; we worship God everyday, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. The purity of our worship depends on the depth of our thoughts and knowledge about God. What we think... Continue Reading →

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